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American Pet Registry

Emotional Support Animal Certificate

Emotional Support Animal Certificate

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REGISTRATION INCLUDED: Our certificates include registry of your emotional support dog to the American Pet Registry.

VERIFICATION: Anyone can verify your emotional support animal by putting your animal's registry number into our website.

WAIVE FEES: Have pet rent & pet hotel fees waived for your Emotional Support Animal thanks to the Fair Housing Amendments Act.

MADE IN THE USA: All of our certificates are made in sunny California.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can landlords charge "pet rent" for ESAs or Service Animals?

No! They legally can't charge "pet rent" for Emotional Support Animals or Service Animals.

Can hotels charge fees for ESAs or Service Animals?

Most hotels will waive pet fees for Emotional Support Animals, but all hotels are legally required to waive pet fees for a Service Animal.

Can I bring my Service Animal / Emotional Support Animal with me to public places?

Of course! Access restaurants, buildings, hospitals,
shopping centers, hotels, cruise ships, grocery stores and even airplanes with your emotional support or service animal as per ADA laws.

Some places may not allow ESAs, but Service Animals are allowed everywhere.

Is a school required for a Service Animal?

No, your dog doesn't require to be trained by a school to be legally considered a service animal! The ADA allows dog owners to train their dogs themselves.

How does your ID verification system work?

Anyone can scan the QR code or tap the ID Card of your service/support animal with their phone to immediately access our registry.

How fast will I get my ID card?

Your ID card will be made within 24 hours of you purchasing it and shipped via USPS. You should receive your ID card within 5 business days.